10 Best Soccer Countries in the World Now 2023

10 Best Soccer Countries in the World Now

As everyone is aware, there are many best soccer countries in the world. Football has more national teams worldwide than any other sport combined. Explore what are the top 10 best football countries in the world 2023.

According to the FIFA Men’s World Ranking, Brazil is currently ranked top among the best soccer countries in the world now 2023. Argentina, France, Belgium, England, Netherlands, Italy, Croatia, Spain, Portugal, and even Morocco are among the teams battling for the top slot, although Brazil has held the top spot for the longest with over 1840 points.

Pele World Cup

According to statistics, 191 of the 193 UN member states have national football teams and a number of dependent territories, subnational entities, and governments that are not UN members. The FIFA World Ranking is a points-based system that considers all senior international games a national team has played over four years.

Here’s a list of the 10 Best Soccer Countries in the World Now:

1. Brazil

Brazil - Best Soccer Countries in the World

Brazil is the most successful football team in history, and they are ranked first in the men’s FIFA world rankings, as well as the No.1 team in the list of best soccer countries in the world. The Brazilian national football team holds the record for most FIFA World Cup titles with five, in 1958, 1962, 1970, 1994, and 2002. Brazil has appeared in every World Cup since Uruguay in 1930, with 22 total appearances as of the 2022 Fifa World Cup. Although Brazil hasn’t won the World Cup in well than 20 years, there are huge expectations around the world. They were predicted to win the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar, which would be Brazil’s sixth world cup title overall.

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2. Germany

Germany - Best Soccer Countries in the World

Throughout its history, the German national football team has seen tremendous success. With four World Cup titles, Germany is one of the most successful national teams in international competitions (1954, 1974, 1990, 2014). Germany has produced some of the most reliable performances in international competitions, with a large number of professional athletes. Each of the previous three FIFA World Cups, Germany has played admirably. In the 2002 World Cup final, they suffered a devastating defeat against Brazil. In both the 2006 and 2010 world cups, they came in third place.

Germany was considered a long shot to make it through the quarterfinals at the 2010 World Cup. They improved in the 2014 World Cup and won the championship in Brazil with a team full of seasoned athletes. Bayern Munich rules its premier league, but they also have a few more teams that can compete internationally. Although they don’t have actual individual superstars as some other top nations have, they consistently produce talented players. They are also among the top soccer players that rehearse the most discipline being in the field.

3. Italy

Italy-Best Soccer Countries in the World

With four FIFA World Cup titles, Italy is one of the most successful soccer countries in the world ever (1934, 1938, 1982, 2006). Just by looking at how consistent they are, the Italians are the envy of so many nations. They are consistently competing to be the best, no matter the decade. Despite having the most skill and resources on the planet in the 1960s, Italian football failed to advance past the first round for 20 years after winning back-to-back tournaments in 1934 and 1938. Serie A is one of the world’s top domestic leagues. From Juventus to Roma, many clubs fight for the Champions League each year.

4. England

England - Best Soccer Countries in the World

The Premier League is one of the top football leagues in the world, and many outstanding players have come out of England, one of the best soccer nations in the world. The fan support for England is incredibly intense. Among the outstanding athletes that England has produced are Allan Shearer, David Beckham, Wayne Rooney, and Steven Gerrard. Their best performance came when they won the 1966 World Cup in England, which was the host nation. They also placed fourth in 1990 in Italy and in 2018 in Russia. England made 16 World Cup appearances in history. England played every game at Wembley Stadium in London, which was the final time the hosts received this advantage.

5. Argentina – World Cup Winners 2022

Argentina-Best Soccer Countries in the World

Argentina made 18 FIFA world cup appearances, placing third among teams by appearances. Although they haven’t achieved the same level of international success as some of the top nations listed, they do have all the talents a fan could ever want. After making it to the finals in 1930, the country struggled to compete, even withdrawing for 20 years between 1934 and 1954. The player in charge of the front-running team is Lionel Messi who is featured in his 5th World Cup.

Along with Brazil (5 times) and Uruguay, Argentina is one of three South American sides that have won the FIFA World Cup title (1978, 1986, and 2022). The greatest players typically migrate to Europe to play internationally, though a few domestic teams do an excellent job of maintaining talent at home. If they can succeed in winning a World Cup soon, they may justifiably be considered the best soccer nation in the world.

6. Spain

Spain-Best Soccer Countries in the World

Only eight nations have ever won the FIFA World Cup since 1930, with Spain being one of them. The first time the squad made it to the final, Spain won the world cup in South Africa in 2010. Spain is one of the best soccer countries in the world, having appeared in 16 World Cups, and is currently on its 12th consecutive appearance. Real Madrid with 99 trophies, Barcelona with 97 trophies, Athletic Bilbao with 35 trophies, and Atletico Madrid with 33 trophies are some of the most successful Spanish teams. La Liga is one of the most competitive leagues in the world.

7. France


As of 2022, France had played in 16 FIFA World Cups and was one of the top four European nations to feature since 1930. They also held the record streak of 7 consecutive appearances, which is still active. After 20 years since their legendary first World Cup win, France’s domination of Russia in 2018 crowned them as world champions for a second time. For the first time in 1998, and again in 2018 in Russia. France has a long and illustrious World Cup history. France, the defending champions, will be looking forward to their chances as well. With outstanding potential and the best players, many football pundits believe that France is currently the best international squad. They would be the overwhelming favorites in the 2022 World Cup.

8. Netherlands

The Netherlands-Best Soccer Countries in the World

The Netherlands has appeared in 11 FIFA World Cups as of 2022 and has three final appearances (in 1974, 1978, and 2010). No other team has appeared in as many finals without winning the World Cup as the Netherlands, but those golden years may be gone now. They remain one of the soccer teams with the best track records, nevertheless. They are consistently powerful competitors on the international stage, and a few of their players go on to play in leagues around Europe. The Netherlands is the best soccer country in the world and as having produced the best national team players in history. At the 2022 World Cup, the Netherlands hopes to continue on the international biggest stage.

9. Belgium


There are reasons why Belgium is considered the best country in soccer. For one, the country has produced some of the best soccer players in the world, including the famous players of the current generation Eden Hazard and Kevin De Bruyne. Additionally, Belgium has a rich soccer history and has been home to some of the most successful clubs in Europe, such as Anderlecht and Standard Liege. Furthermore, the Belgian national team has been extremely successful in recent years, reaching the semifinals of the 2014 World Cup.

Since the first FIFA World Cup in 1930, when they finished 11th, Belgium has made a total of 14 appearances in the competition. Despite this consistency, Belgium has never been able to claim the prestigious tournament as its own. In 1986, they entered the semifinals, but Belgium lost to Argentina after conceding two goals.

10. Uruguay


The country has a long and successful soccer history, dating back to the early days of the sport. Since 1930, Uruguay has made 14 appearances at the World Cup, making them the first football giant in the world. Uruguay has won the FIFA World Cup twice (in 1930, and 1950), and they have also won more prestigious international tournaments than any other team. The country’s soccer team is also well-known for its passionate and vocal fans. The recent record of Uruguay’s national team is not as good as it was from 1930 to 1950. They did not qualify for the 2014 World Cup but did make it to the semi-finals in 2010, and they still hold the record for being the smallest nation to ever win the FIFA World Cup.

FAQs about the Best Soccer Countries in the World

What country is the best at soccer 2023?

Brazil currently holds the top spot in the FIFA Men’s World Ranking for the confederation’s men’s national team.

What country is #1 in soccer?

The FIFA World Ranking is a list of the men’s international soccer teams in the world, as decided by FIFA. The rankings are decided based on recent match results and international tournament performances. Brazil is currently at the top of the list, with Argentina just behind them.

Who has the most win in World Cup?

Only eight nations have ever won the men’s FIFA World Cup. Brazil holds the record for most titles, having lifted the World cup trophy five times since 1930.

Best soccer countries in the world in 2023?

Brazil (ranked first in FIFA rankings), Argentina (ranked second in FIFA rankings), France (ranked third in FIFA rankings), Belgium (ranked fourth in FIFA rankings), and England (ranked fifth in FIFA rankings).

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