Revealing! The Top 10 Fastest Premier League Goals Ever

Fastest Premier League Goals Ever - Do you know who has scored the fastest Premier League goal (Shane Long, Ledley King, and Alaln Shearer

The fastest Premier League goals ever scored in premier league history came in 7.69 seconds, do you know who scored it? It’s really difficult for the players to score early in any football game, but when some players do, it can make all the difference and put their team in a position to win.

The fastest goal scored in premier league history came in 7.69 seconds. who scored it? Shane Long, an Irish international striker, scored the fastest Premier League goal in just 7.69 seconds on April 23, 2019, during the 2018/19 season Premier League match between Watford and Southampton at Vicarage Road.

Ledley King was the first player to score the fastest Premier League goal in just 9.82 seconds, previously he set the record when he scored for Tottenham Hotspur against Bradford City in the 2000–01 season, but Shane Long fastest goal of 7.69 seconds against Watford’s broke it.

Some fastest goals in a soccer game can be most memorable and cherished for decades or centuries. Let’s look at the 10 fastest goals in Premier League history and the players who scored the fastest goal in EPL.

Top 10 fastest goals in the Premier League history

Top ten fastest goals in the history of the Premier League: Video source: YouTube

1. Shane Long vs Watford (7.69 seconds)

Shane Long scored the fastest goal in Premier League history for Southampton against Watford in 7.69 seconds during the 2018-19 season. From the kick-off, he took a direct charge to close down a Watford defender and blocked his long ball forwards before recomposing himself to score. Long finished with the goalkeeper rushing out and slowly kicking the ball over the goalkeeper and into the net. Watch Shane Long’s fastest Premier League goal video below.

Shane Long Scored in 7.69 Seconds vs Watford (Fastest Goal in Premier League History): Video Source: YouTube

2. Ledley King vs Bradford City AFC (9.82 seconds)

Ledley King, a former captain of Tottenham Hotspur and a center-back was not much famous as a goal scorer. Ledley King scored 10 goals in 268 Premier League appearances, with 115 wins and 93 losses. In this game, Ledley King took the kick-off and went near 30 yards from the goal, where he moved forward before attempting a long-range shot. In his eighth Premier League game that season, the English defender scored his first goal in the tournament against Bradford City which was after 9.82 seconds of the game started in December 2000. And until Shane Long broke the record, this was the fastest premier league goal ever scored.

3. Alan Shearer vs Manchester City (10.52 seconds)

Alan Shearer’s 10.52 seconds goal vs Manchester City Video Source: YouTube

It is not surprising to see the Premier League’s top scorer of all time has one of the fastest goals on the list. Alan Shearer scored the fastest Premier League against Man City in just 10.52 seconds in the 2002/03 season, also this was his 218th goal. Alan Shearer’s 10.52 seconds goal against Manchester City remains the fastest ever for a Newcastle team and the quickest left-footed strike in Premier League history.

4. Christian Eriksen vs Manchester United (10.54 seconds)

Christian Eriksen’s fastest goal Video: Youtube

Christian Eriksen has dropped from third to fourth after Long’s record-breaking strike. Even though the Danish schemer’s strike isn’t the fastest in Premier League history, it is the fastest goal ever at the new Wembley Stadium, clocking in at 10.54 seconds. Tottenham has a long history of scoring in the first minute. In the history of the Premier League, only Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur have scored more goals in the first 60 seconds.

Currently, Christian Eriksen has 68 assists in his 247 Premier League appearances, 52 goals with 138 wins, and 62 losses. However, Christian Eriksen is unlikely to break that record now that he is back in the Premier League, at Manchester United.

5. Mark Viduka vs Charlton Athletic (11.90 seconds)

Mark Viduka's fastest goal in Premier League vs Charlton Athletic (11.90 seconds)
Mark Viduka’s fastest goal in Premier League vs Charlton Athletic (11.90 seconds)

Famous Australian center-forward Mark Viduka’s goal after 11.90 seconds goal against Charlton is the fastest by non-European premier league players in history. On March 17, 2001, Leeds United traveled to The Valley to take on Charlton Athletic. At the kickoff, Ian Harte made an accurate long pass to Alan Smith from the left side of Leeds’ defensive third. When Mark Viduka had a clear shot opportunity in front of him, the Charlton Athletic goalie had no chance of stopping it because it was placed precisely into the bottom corner of the net.

6. Dwight Yorke vs Coventry City (12.16 seconds)

Dwight Yorke fastest goal vs Coventry City (12.16 seconds)

Dwight Yorke’s goal for Aston Villa against Coventry City was the fastest in Premier League history, clocking in at 12.16 seconds during the 1995/96 season. He is an alien in the Premier League records book; in November 2000, he became the Premier League’s first non-Englishman to score 100 goals. He also held the record for the quickest hat trick from the start of a game which was in just 22 minutes vs Arsenal in February 2001.

Dwight Yorke held this record for over 14 years until Sadio Mane broke it for Liverpool in May 2015 which is in just 16 minutes by scoring hat trick goals in a Premier League record book of 2 minutes, 56 seconds.

Dwight Yorke, known for his stint during his legendary Manchester United career, before the Premier League era has proven his skills, yet he went on to become one of the league’s finest attackers, scoring 125 goals in 373 games and winning the Premier League title 3x times with Manchester United as well as the FA Cup and UEFA Champions League.

7. Chris Sutton vs Everton (12.94 seconds)

Chris Sutton vs Everton (12.94 seconds)
Chris Sutton fastest goal in Premier League vs Everton (12.94 seconds)

During the 1994/95 Premier league season Chris Sutton’s scored the fastest goal after 12.94 seconds against Everton. One of the best striker combinations in Premier League history is between Alan Shearer and Chris Sutton yet, in 1995, Alan Shearer flicked on a long pass, helping Chris Sutton to score the Premier league’s fastest goal. Everton is used to falling behind 1-0 in the first minute of Premier League games. Everton has conceded the most goals in the first minute of Premier League history.

8. Kevin Nolan vs Blackburn Rovers (13.48 seconds)

Kevin Nolan vs Blackburn Rovers (13.48 seconds)

Kevin Nolan’s goal after 13.48 seconds came against Blackburn Rovers. This goal from Kevin Nolan made this game an amazing thriller. His fastest goal was one of the top five first-minute goals of the Premier League game. An absolute shock was one of two first-minute goals from Kevin Nolan, who also scored after 51 seconds for West Ham against Fulham in September 2012. Only ten other players in Premier League history have scored two or more goals in the first minute.

9. James Beattie vs Chelsea (13.52 seconds)

James Beattie vs Chelsea (13.52 seconds)
James Beattie vs Chelsea (13.52 seconds)

Southampton’s second player to score the fastest premier league goal ever after in the top 10 list is James Beattie’s fastest goal after 13.52 seconds against Chelsea. In 2013, he scored against Chelsea in 13.68 seconds, which is now counted as the 11th fastest goal in Premier League history. Unfortunately, James Beattie went scoring an own goal after 33 minutes, this was the 53rd incident in Premier League history of a player scoring a goal and an own goal.

10. Asmir Begovic vs Southampton (13.64 seconds)

Asmir Begović scores an amazing goal against Southampton Video Credits: Youtube

After this unexpected goal from one end to another goalpost, Asmir Begovic became the fifth goalkeeper in Premier League history to score the fastest goal after 13.64 seconds. Asmir Begovic’s long downfield clearance confused the Southampton goalkeeper. It is not only the 10th fastest goal in Premier League history, but it is also the longest-distance goal scored ever since. Begovic’s goal against Southampton broke the former Everton goalkeeper Tim Howard’s 92.2-yard goal against Bolton Wanderers in 2012, which had previously held the Premier League record for the longest goal scored.

Revealing! The List Of Top 10 Fastest Premier League Goals Ever

Time in secondsPlayerAgainstEPL Season
07.69Shane LongWatford 2018/19
09.82Ledley KingBradford City 2000/01
10.52Alan ShearerMan City2002/03
10.54Christian EriksenMan Utd2017/18
11.90Mark VidukaCharlton Athletic2000/01
12.16Dwight YorkeCoventry City1995/96
12.94Chris SuttonEverton1994/95
13.48Kevin NolanBlackburn2003/04
13.52James BeattieChelsea2004/05
13.64Asmir BegovicSouthampton2013/14


Who scored the fastest hat trick in Premier League?

In exactly two minutes and 56 seconds, Southampton’s Sadio Mané scored the fastest hat trick in Premier League against Aston Villa to set a Premier League record.

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